I recently analysed the email marketing of a large national company and found it to be extremely wanting. Simple best practice was not being followed in the creatives, and so I knew that their campaign execution would be found wanting too.

Here at Quiero, we can not only create beautiful and bullet proof email creatives, but execute campaigns that are unmatched when it comes to ROI. The secret (or not so secret) is in delving beyond the superficial, one-dimensional strategy that even companies with multi-million pound turnovers employ. If you want to catch a fish, you need to have the right bait and be fishing in the right place at the right time. As a new fisherman, I have been on many a frustrating and fruitless fishing trip because I haven’t kept to these simple rules. I’ve fished estuaries and I’ve fished rivers; I’ve used live baits, dead baits and lures. I’ve invested an inordinate amount of money in scientifically developed, scented baits – all to no avail. I’ve targeted predators and I’ve targeted herbivores. The reason for coming up blank is because I’m fishing at the wrong time! If you want to really catch fish, then fish at dawn or dusk – the time when most fish feed.

So how does this apply to marketing, and specifically getting more conversions for your business? You need to be sending the right emails to the right people at the right time. The majority of businesses are sending good emails to a small pool of subscribers – it’s like fishing in a pond with a worm and none of the fish are particularly hungry. Quiero steps in to get great emails to thousands of appropriate NEW consumers, at the time that they are primed to bite! Imagine you’re a removal company? Wouldn’t it be great to reach out to people about to move house? Imagine you’re a toy company, wouldn’t it be great to reach out to parents in your area with young children? This is all possible via our unique data insights.

So get in touch today, and realise the huge ROI potential of targeted email, mobile and direct mail marketing. Let’s get those fish biting!